Fujian King Brand Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd. is a specialty enterprise which is engaging in the production and the sales of epoxy hardeners. It was invested from Japan and founded in 2006,Our company’s products for protective coatings and adhesives market help coating and adhesive manufactures realize competitive advantage with improved performance, enhanced appearance and adhesive properties, as well as greater ease of application combined with t...

- At Fujian King Brand Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd., 
  employees at all levels are committed to achieve 
  total customer satisfaction------the key to our 
- We are determined to be a reliable supplier of quality 
  products at competitive cost.
- We strive to exceed customer expectation 
  consistently through continuous improvement and 
  by being innovative.

Epoxy self-leveling flooring
Stone composite adhesives
Stone surface coatings
Concrete crack injection
Potting or casting insulating materials
Cationic electro-deposition coating systems
Bonding insulation for electronic components
Waterborne epoxy flooring
Cationic electro-deposition coating systems
Floor coatings
Plastic jewelry adhesives
Filament winding products
Drilling platform anti-corrosion coatings
Bridge anti-corrosive paints
Container coatings
Marine anti-corrosive paints
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